September 25, 2021 - Ruislip, London, UK


My greatest barriers to cooking something nice are (1) having the right ingredients and (2) knowing what to cook.

To solve these problems I’m using this page as a record of a few tasty and easy things I can cook with straight to the point directions that don’t digress into small details.

Sausage and Veggies

Sausages and Veggies

20 minutes
Cut everything and put it in an open pan in the oven with some olive oil on top. Done.
Season with paprika, black pepper, oregano and salt. Grated Parmesan on top adds extra taste.

Pesto Chicken

Pesto Chicken

10 minutes
Season the chicken, arrange is as in the picture. Put in the oven.
Searing the chicken beforehand seems to make it even nicer.
This could be the full meal, but it’s better served with purée or salad.



Add more topping to a ready-made pizza to make it special.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio


In a frying pan with hot oil add a mix of shredded garlic and salt. Once it gets some colour add butter and the cooked pasta. 5 cloves of garlic for 1/2kg of pasta.

Chicken with broccoli and sweet potatoes

Chicken with broccoli

Cut chicken in cubes and season it with Cajun, salt and olive oil in a bowl. Put chicken in a pan in the oven, put broccoli and sweet potato cubes in another pan in the oven.
Here is a video.

Cheese platter

Cheese board

Chilli jam toastie

Chilli jam toastie

30 minutes This is delicious.
Season and sear the chicken cubes.
Assemble the sandwich by spreading the jam and adding the cheese and slices of cheese.
Wet the outsides with a mixture made of 2 eggs and one dash of milk.
Sear the toastie on a frying pan with butter.
Here is the video.